Security Audit Success – Foremost Nottingham

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Foremost Security successfully completed its’ annual 3-day audit for both ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation and the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), in May 2012.

We’re very proud to say that we managed to double our score to above 50, which now places us in the top half of companies in the scheme. The push for the coming year will be to work hard to get us into the top 25%, for which we’ll need another 16 points.

The audit checks all the systems and procedures in place, so as to ensure quality is entrenched within the company. For example:

  • Do we have systems in place to ensure security staff are licensed?
  • Are Directors licensed and fit and proper persons?
  • Key-holding procedures of pouching, storing and identifying keys
  • etc etc

In the past, we have come across non-approved security companies storing their keys at a guards’ house, where it was left hanging on a clothes hook, next to the families’ coats, with a label to identify it!

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