Security Top Tips 4, from Nottingham Security Company Foremost Security

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We, quite rightly, make a big deal when we at Foremost Security achieve approvals or accreditations. Some might ask the important question: SO WHAT? What does all this jargon actually mean? One example is vetting of staff.

All our staff are vetted and screened to British Standard BS7858. This means that before they’re employed, we check out their employment and personal history over the last 5 years on a month by month basis, investigating any gaps, look at their CRB checks and check their credit references BEFORE they are considered for employment. This is the way that a reputable company tries to weed out potentially problematic employees and employ only the better ones: it doesn’t always work, but it helps.

So, if you consider a security company which is not accredited, you might end up with a security officer who was sacked but not prosecuted because it was too much hassle, or who perhaps has financial difficulties, and might be tempted to rectify them at your expense. If the staff have not been properly vetted, it means the security contractor doesn’t know. I return to this theme: if you use a security company, do the reseach.

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