Nottingham’s Foremost Security in Demand, as Crime Rates Rise

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The demand for security protection is beginning to grow as theft and crime rates have begun to rise throughout the Midlands, despite our advice and Top Tips (Top Tips 4 ) . Extra work has been added to our schedules and this is frequently down to acts of crime and vandalism conducted on our client’s properties. The increasing price of materials, particularly metals, has lead to a spate of thefts from empty and unoccupied buildings. A recent article published by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce says:

Thefts of metal from commercial properties in the West Midlands have increased dramatically in 2011 – and landlords are set to count the cost. It is believed that just over half of the region’s vacant properties may have been targeted by criminals in the past year, according to independent research by The Vacant Property Specialists (VPS).The thieves’ main targets are warehouses that have become empty, thanks to the recession. The metals they mainly seek are copper and lead, both of which have increased hugely in terms of their scrap value in recent years, not least due to rising demand from the Far East. Copper cabling and pipework, and lead from rooftops are among the most highly targeted fixtures. There is also the danger of other thieves attacking the same site, as they will perceive it as an easy target. According to Cushman & Wakefield, such thefts can be hugely costly, in terms of repair bills and higher insurance premiums. It is believed that the overall cost of the thefts is now running at £770m in the UK. The firm is now is tackling the problem through its partnership with leading specialist property insurance broker Oval Insurance Broking. Oval and Cushman & Wakefield believe that one way of reducing the risk posed by thieves attacking empty properties is better risk management, including better security and more frequent inspections of empty properties.”

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