Security Tips for Spring Time in the East Midlands

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According to the Weather forecast, this weekend may be the one when we can finally cast off the shackles of winter, and that cold nagging easterly wind. Yes, the temperatures are due to rise and we may even see 19 degrees C by Sunday.

Unfortunately, this increase upwards in the scale of the thermometer brings an increase in security risks with it. Without resorting to the services of a good quality security company, there are a few things businesses can do to help ensure the security and safety of their workplaces.

  • Close and lock your windows and doors on your premises at the end of your days’ work. In 80% of break-ins, access to premises is made through improperly secured or unlocked doors and windows.
  • When it’s warm, make sure fire doors are kept shut. This means that if there’s a fire, it’s restricted and doesn’t spread so quickly through the building and smoke is restricted too.
  • Fire extinguishers are frequently used to prop open fire doors, and rarely are they returned to where they should be: make sure they are, or in the event of a fire you could find them difficult to locate.
  • Windows in vehicles are often left open when it’s hot. Check they’re closed and make sure keys are not left in the vehicle.

These tips are simple, if not obvious, advice on how to reduce theft and improve safety on your site. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to follow them, and suffer the all too inevitable problems as a consequence.

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