SIA Review of Approved Contractor Scheme

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The SIA has an annual review of the Approved Contractor Scheme and this year (2013), unsurprisingly, they focus on how the Scheme should run alongside the proposed introduction of Business Licensing next year. They have surveyed security providers, both approved and non-approved, and purchasers of security services, to ensure all parties views are taken into account.

One of the most interesting parts of the review for me, were the views expressed by the buyers of security services. 90% of buyers will use only SIA ACS approved suppliers and whilst other accreditations are useful, 80% said the ACS was the most important accreditation. The survey said that buyers’ top 5 important benefits of having ACS approval were:

  • 91%: Differentiation from non-approved contractors
  • 87%: the ability to view the public register of Approved Companies
  • 87%: The ACS standard is regularly raised
  • 86%: the 12 monthly assessment of suppliers
  • 85% the independence of the approvals process

Whilst this information indicates that most purchasers seem to have grasped the concept of the ACS scheme there are still 10% of purchasers who place no value on it or any other accreditation scheme. We need to work on those!

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