Be Secure over the Festive Break

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Preparations for a relaxing festive break – ensure you are secure!

Christmas is coming, geese may be getting fat, and no doubt you have put some thought into what needs to get done before you can close your business for the festive period; but will your premises remain secure while you are away?

Christmas should be fun not a worryIt is easy to forget, in the reams of other important tasks that need your attention, that there are unsavoury characters out there who look at the Christmas shutdown as an opportunity. Whilst you are enjoying a mince pie, or putting the finishing touches to your tree, someone could be rifling through your prized business possessions. Are you or your staff willing and able to deal with a situation caused by the most extreme of unwanted visitors?

Security companies exist to help out at such times, and services such as keyholding with alarm response are ideal. This ensures that if your company alarm is triggered, a security guard is dispatched to deal with the situation, and there is no need for you to be torn away from your turkey.

However, not all security firms are equal. A truly professional organisation will be a member of the Security Industry Authority, an independent authority that only register companies who have ‘distinguished themselves as being amongst the best providers of private security services in the UK.’ This proves that they have secure, safe storage for keys, security code identification, and professionally trained security guards – make sure your choice of security firm can confirm all of these criteria, and you stand in good stead for a truly Merry Christmas!

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