Concentrate on what you are best at – let professionals handle security

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Resolutions and intentions – what will 2016 bring for your business?

Often the focus for a new year is on making the most of your day; allowing less distractions, being better at managing your time so that you can prioritise your calendar more effectively – sounding familiar? All very important and admirable aims, but often extremely hard to put into practice.

Focus on business goals - leave security to the expertsWe have a suggestion that could actually help you with all of the above, and aid with the security of your workforce at the same time; call it a new year’s present! Find a reputable security firm to take on your alarm response and keyholding. This will free you up from security duties, meaning you can confidently concentrate on what you are best at, safe in the knowledge that at this dark and murky time of year, should your premises be broken into, or an intruder detected, a professional security guard will arrive to deal with the situation.

Many companies do not fully think through the implications of a break in; do you really want to be called out at 3am in the cold and dark to check the alarm? If one of your staff is working late, what would happen if an intruder was detected? Lone worker legislation requires employers to ‘assess… and avoid or control risks’; can you genuinely show that you have thought through the consequences of a security breach, to avoid the risk of a serious situation developing, and possible liability and litigation?

Solve all of these potential problems in one by finding a reliable security company registered with the Security Industry Authority, and you are fully covered for the worst of possibilities. Then go on to make the most of your time this new year, with the golden glow of someone who is fully prepared for all eventualities.

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