Olympic Security Debacle

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Some of you here, sunning yourselves in the East Midlands rain-soaked landscape, will be thinking something along the lines of “What has all this got to with us here in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester?”

It may not have escaped you, but the worlds’ largest security contractor, G4S is currently getting some flak about their inability to supply the full security requirements for the forthcoming London Olympics. Whilst this seems to have only just come to light in a barrage of media and publicity, there are many of us (sages of the Midlands!) who had suspected all was not well. I had heard in February that there was a tender out for training up to 6,000 positions for the games: not enough time was my thought.

I had also heard that there was an expectation that security personnel from outside of London would be travelling to the big city for the games. We, the security providers in Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and elsewhere needed to be on guard or otherwise expect to see our workforces disappearing down the M1 to Stratford. It doesn’t seem to have happened that way though: have you seen the price of train tickets and accommodation costs down there in “the smoke”? Not much change out of a day’s pay then, for your average security worker.

SO, while you’re enjoying the great feats of sprinting, jumping and throwing, right through to its climax, remember this: We have all the bells whistles and certificates that the big boys have, but because we’re medium sized, flexible, responsive and have our ear to the ground, we think we can do better. Big is not always beautiful after all………..

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