Who uses Key-holding and Alarm Response Services in Nottingham?

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I was talking to a fellow member of one of my regular networking groups last week, when we got to talking about our key-holding and alarm response service. When I mentioned the relatively low cost for the service, his response was: “Well that’s a no-brainer, why wouldn’t anyone use that service!”

Perhaps we don’t publicise what value for money this service represents and the important reasons for having an outsourced Key-holding and Alarm Response service.

For an annual or monthly charge of less than a pound a day, plus a call-out fee for each site you can avoid:

  • Having to pay staff for callouts or being on-call
  • The hassle factor of being woken up in the middle of the night, when you still have your normal work to do the following day
  • Health and Safety issues due to lone worker responses and rules, whether it’s you or someone else that you’ve nominated
  • Tiredness next day for whoever responds to the call-out

I had a phone call from a long-time acquaintance who had been thinking of using our services. The Company concerned had just moved premises and one Monday morning I got the phone call asking us to come and set up our service. It transpired that the previous Saturday morning at about 4.00 am their alarm had activated and the MD had to respond. He found a fire door open and though all appeared in order, wasn’t too sure what to do. It became an utter no-brainer to call us up and outsource the service to us.

Perhaps this should be a no-brainer for many other businesses too!

Read about what an accredited key-holding service does!

Written by: Paul Ritchie

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