Managing Director


I’ve been with the Company since its formation in 2010 and with its predecessor since 1997, so more than 21 years in the same place! I’ve been involved in many aspects of the organisation over the years but am now concentrated on strategy and direction.

Hobbies & Interests:

I love my football, but unfortunately I’m too old and decrepit to play anymore, so watching is the only alternative. I try to play golf regularly and sometimes I succeed: good walk spoiled etc. I am a card-carrying member of CAMRA, so it won’t be a surprise to learn I like “proper” beer and pubs, though I have been known to sample the occasional glass of wine, especially vino tinto. Having recently moved to a new house, I hope to be setting up a vegetable garden soon, to replace the allotment I gave up as a result of the move.

What motivates you to do your job at Foremost and how do you contribute to the customers experience?

I want to leave Foremost as the best independent security provider in the East Midlands area, offering value for money, but in a way that is profitable for us. I hope my contribution will be to guide us in the right direction to achieve this before I hang up my boots for that football pitch in the sky!

Paul Ritchie
Paul Ritchie - Managing Director

“…Paul has a vast knowledge of the security industry which benefits both Foremost and the clients”

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