Foremost Security granted IPSA accreditation

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We recently applied for an IPSA (The International Professional Security Association) accreditation, in order for us to work with constituency offices across the political spectrum. This now enables us to work with these offices across the Midlands, which is a great step forward for our team!

So, why did we apply?

We were initially approached by the IPSA to apply for a membership, as they recognised us for our incredibly high standards, and with recent security issues arising in the offices of MP’s, we realised that this would enable us to branch out and help these premises.

Why is this so important to our business?

The Association was formed over 50 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations, and as a corporate security provider who pride themselves on working with professional businesses, we really feel that this new membership adds further credibility and great recognition to our work.

How can this make us stand out from our competitors?

Having the accreditation really enables us to stand out from our competitors, as many others in the area aren’t accredited by the IPSA. We hope that this will give peace of mind to many of these constituency offices, who haven’t yet been able to source a local accredited security provider.

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