7 ways our Mobile Security Patrols will keep your premises secure

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Many businesses are up to date with the latest expensive technology, equipment and machinery. This can often make them a target for thieves and vandals. Whether you work in a warehouse, office or university, you should always be security conscious.

Have you been a victim of theft? Do you find permanent security too costly? Well, our mobile security guards can help put your mind at ease, even when you’re not there.
How? We’ve highlighted some benefits below as to why you should use Foremost Security to keep your premises safe!

Our Branded Vehicles

These vehicles can be positioned at your premises before and after hours. If you don’t feel the need to have them stationed all day – then you don’t have to. This can give any unwanted visitors the warning that there is security on site.

We carry out extra tasks for you

We are there to make sure your building is secure. However, we also like to go above and beyond by carrying out extra tasks to make you feel that security measures are being met. Extra tasks could include turning off lights or setting alarms for you.

Alerting the authorities

Not only will we alert you, but also ensure the appropriate organisations are informed. This doesn’t stop at theft and vandalism, we will send out an alert if there is fire, flood or any other incident causing harm to your business.

Keep track via the App

Our Security Patrol App is in the midst of development. This will allow you to monitor progress, location and information that your guard has reported to be suspicious!

We are flexible to your needs

Unlike many other security firms, you don’t have to fulfil a fixed contract. You can implement your security needs as and when you feel like you need them, which enables us to operate for you at a much lower cost.

Looking after your employees

By looking after your premises, you are looking after your employees. By having a patrol car outside it can provide your workers with some security.

Trained Professionals

All of our guards follow the same procedures and guidelines to carry out work to an exceptional standard. We’re a SIA (Security Industry Authority approved contractor, so you have full assurance we take the security of our customers very seriously.


If this sounds like the security you want for your business, or if you just want to hear of more benefits then don’t hesitate to contact us on: 0115 911 0213

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