Nottingham Keyholding Services

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A number of new clients have signed up recently with Foremost Security for Keyholding and Alarm Response Services.

The companies are all taking advantage of the wide variety of related services offered to ensure that their key staff members

  • are not loaded with the additional stresses of having to be last in or out to the premises
  • don’t suffer the late night or early morning call-out to attend a false alarm
  • aren’t put at risk by being on-site alone when the alarm isn’t so false!

The most recent additions to the Foremost client portfolio include:

  • a local / regional company which rents out and retails expensive industrial style equipment
  • a distribution centre for a world wide beauty products company
  • a couple of retail premises for a nationwide retail finance company (part of a US franchise operation)
  • a recently decommissioned NHS premises
  • the offices of a branch of a large national accountancy practice

The full list of recently acquired clients is spread over all areas of Nottingham from the City Centre out approximately 20 miles.

Note: In the interest of security and confidentiality we don’t (unless specifically requested otherwise) name or closely describe our our clients to avoid them being identified.

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