Lock and unlock services across Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester

As a business owner, security is bound to be one of your main concerns. It can be hard to find a keyholder you completely trust to carry out daily locking or unlocking duties. Our lock & unlock service goes beyond simply locking or unlocking doors – it provides complete peace of mind that your business is protected even if you’re not around by providing a visual security presence, alongside other key benefits.


What is a Lock & Unlock service?

A ‘lock and unlock service’ provides an additional level of security during the times staff members may feel most vulnerable. Our service is completely unique and flexible, and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

By having a dedicated security officer on hand during these times, you can be assured that your building is fully secure, and your people are protected during these periods. It also ensures your premises are protected by setting alarms, turning off equipment, and closing blinds.

Our lock and unlock service can be implemented during specific times, so that you can reduce the risk to your business when it needs it the most.


More than just closing doors

Every business is different. For example, you might need extra protection during opening but not closing time, or vice-versa. Both sides of lock and unlock are available as entirely separate services, with their own benefits.

Benefits of lock:

  • Full external check of the building
  • Full sweep of the building
  • Locking internal doors
  • Security presence at vulnerable times
  • Fully flexible with no fixed contract
  • Alarm is set and building secured
  • Turning off the air con or heating
  • Closing windows
  • Closing blinds
  • Turning off lights
  • Checking taps are off
  • Checking fire doors are closed
  • Any vehicles parked near to the building are logged

Benefits of unlock:

  • Full internal and external check of the building
  • Security presence at vulnerable times
  • Checking for any attempted forced entry or damage
  • Unlocking internal doors
  • Turning off the alarm
  • Opening the blinds
  • Turning on the lights
  • Turning on air conditioning or heating if required
  • Logging any vehicles left on site
  • Fully flexible with no fixed contract

Peace of mind from an accredited security provider

Being an SIA approved contractor means that we provide the highest standard of security for our customers. Our security officers are trained to follow exact guidelines in their work and strive to deliver the best possible service.

We also hold accreditations from other industry bodies, such is the level of security we provide. Our guards work across the East Midlands, safeguarding businesses of all sizes, including universities, offices, and warehouses.

Read more about our security accreditations and what they mean for your business.

Implementing a lock or unlock solution in your business

Our lock or unlock solution can be used alongside your existing health and safety practices and is completely flexible to your requirements.

Because our lock and unlock service is implemented according to your needs and times, you can be assured that someone will be on hand to open and close even during holidays or staff illnesses.

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