Lock & Unlock Service in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester

Our Lock & Unlock Service is tailored to the needs of you & your staff. Opening & Closing times may be when you may feel the most vulnerable, and this service will provide you with increased security as well as a visible presence. This service is most effective for protecting lone workers from security risks, and with our flexibility it can help with holiday/sickness cover too.

“Protection at your most vulnerable – visible deterrent”

Benefits of Lock & Unlock Service

  • Protecting vulnerable workers
    Early mornings and late evenings are the times your employees will feel most vulnerable outside your premises. When they are required to unlock and lockup on their own at these times it can set the heart racing even more. The Foremost Security team take that fear and danger away from your staff.

  • Increased Security
    A uniformed guard on-site when opening up and locking up can greatly reduce the risk of break-ins. Thieves often watch at these times to see the processes and identify opportunities to break in.

  • Reduced stress for your early starters and late leavers
    Knowing that there will be a friendly face in a uniform they know waiting outside the door when they get to work or leave work takes one element of stress away from your early starters and late leavers.

  • Hassle free way to open / close
    Knowing that you’re always open & closed when expected, regardless of staffing issues.

  • Solutions not problems
    All Foremost officers are SIA licensed and trained which means you can rely on them to to take appropriate actions, agreed with you in advance, should something unusual occur.

How your Security is Assured

Keys are held securely in a locked safe within the vehicle

Keys are only identifiable with a security code number as per the requirements of BS9784 Quality Standard.

So, should anyone steal a Foremost vehicle or get unauthorised access to the key safe they will not be able to match a set of keys to a building or lock.

If you would like any further information on our Lock & Unlock services in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, please feel free to call our head office on 0115 911 0213.