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Additional Training for Security Staff with Door Supervisors’ SIA Licenses

As many of you will already know, it has been confirmed that, from 4th February 2013, SIA license holders wishing to renew their Door Supervisors’ licenses will need to undertake further training to enable them to do so. The Up-skilling for Door Supervisor Awards are available through Training Providers and via all the main awarding bodies such as BTEC, HABC or IQ who already provide Door Supervisor training. They will consist of one full day’s training and some home study prior to the commencement of the training course.

Door Supervisors who completed their training after June 2010, when Physical Intervention training became incorporated within the course, or those who have completed a recognised Physical Intervention training course since taking an earlier qualification, should be exempt from the additional training.

There are many currently working as Security Officers who, quite legitimately, use a Door Supervisors SIA license. In the past, it has been easy to throw everyone onto Door Supervision training courses, as part of an either/or approach. They now have the choice as to whether they undertake the additional training and maintain the DS license or to “pass” on the training and “downgrade” to a Security Guard’s license.

During a long career within training in the security sector and as someone who also runs a security company, I see this outcome as a good result. I believe that Door Supervision and Guarding are two very different roles, despite the claims of some in the corridors of power of 85% mapping between the two qualifications. For me, some of the most essential guarding activities are patrolling, access control in gatehouses and receptions and dealing with intruder alarms. Door Supervisor training covers little, if any, of these parts of security guarding, so, with my employer’s hat on, I want my guys trained as Security Guards to effectively protect our clients premises around Nottingham.

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