Doga and Security services in Nottingham and the East Midlands

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I was listening to the radio a few days ago where they were discussing the latest fad which has swept over from America. Doga is, apparently, yoga for dogs. That got me thinking about what else could be brought over the pond from the good old U S of A from a security point of view.

I have fond memories of visiting a brother who worked for three years in Kansas City in the deep mid-west of the States and leafing through the local journal. I just happened to see some job ads for security staff, which were literally astounding to me. They were advertising for security personnel with experience of using firearms as part of their job role. This is, so I was told, quite normal out in the States.

I think this is probably a step too far for the UK, but with policing duties being farmed out piece by piece to private industry, perhaps I’m wrong?

The extent to which the duties of the police has been farmed out to the private sector in recent years includes:

  • Police Community Support Officers (CPSO’s)
  • Highways Agency Traffic Officers
  • Court/Prison Escort Services
  • Back office services at Police Stations

Recently, there was also discussion about allowing private companies to be used to run ‘Drunk Tanks’ – for the drying out of inebriated souls cleaned from our streets by the ‘boys in blue’.

Gun carrying security guards are not likely to happen, for a very long time in the UK. However, it is quite feasible that with extra training for the guards / security officers involved and new legislation to protect the public, private security companies could be providing an extended range of services leaving the police to focus on their core tasks.

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