Door Supervision training or Security Guard training?

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Door Supervision training or Security Guard training? The thoughts of an East Midlands Security provider.

If you’ve been trained as a Security Guard then you can work as a security guard and not as a Door Supervisor. It’s been a bugbear of mine since licensing began, that if you train as a Door Supervisor, you can work as a Door Supervisor AND as a Security Guard on the same license. The reason for this is that Door Supervision is seen as a “superior” qualification and, according to the SIA, there is 80% mapping across from the Door Supervisors qualification to Security Guarding.

Since licensing for Security Guarding began in 2006, there has been a tendency for training providers to run Door Supervisors courses, as that license can cater for both areas of security, representing a one size fits all approach to security training. It’s now gone so far that, despite the greater expense and more difficult and intensive training, individuals still seem to believe that they’d rather have the DS qualification “so they can do both”. It’s common to hear that “I’ve been told that it’s best to do it this way”.

Why is it a bugbear of mine? The 80% mapping figure quoted may well be true. Unfortunately, it’s the other 20% in the Guarding course that isn’t included in the Doors course that concerns me. The missing bit includes patrolling, access control and electronic systems: subjects that play a fundamental role in Security Guarding in the 21st Century. In essence we are now training people for guarding jobs, but because they get a Door Supervisors training, they not properly trained in a large proportion of their work.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had a conversation with a prospective learner, who has said they want a DS badge so they can work in Security Guarding during the week and as a Door Supervisor at weekends. As someone who runs a Guarding Company, I can assure them of two things:

  1. I will not employ someone as a security guard on a Door Supervisors license without additional training, because of the knowledge gap discussed earlier
  2. We (and most other reputable guarding companies) don’t want staff to work for us during the week and then disappear at weekends: the weekend is when we are busiest because we get extra shifts to cover.

I have voiced my opinion over the years with little response coming from the authorities, except for regular mentions of the 80% mapping figure. However, at a recent lunch where some fairly senior and relevant staff from the SIA were present, I got the feeling that just maybe, they might be coming round to my point of view and that a review of this situation may soon be on the cards.

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