Environmental policies and security service tendering

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After filling in yet another security services tender document and pondering on the meaning of life, Greek legends and the size of Lionel Messi’s football boots, I came to a startling realisation. Well perhaps not too startling at all, really, but my thoughts seem to be seldom spoken, yet I think many would agree with them.

It seems to me that there is an implicit agreement amongst tendering authorities that ISO 14001 has become a necessity rather than a “would like to have” for those tendering to win a contract. An Environmental Policy is not enough, the points scored for being accredited to ISO 14001 seem to make the difference between winning or losing the contract.

Now if, instead of providing security services and protecting premises around Nottingham / Leicester / Derby, we were builders or cleaners using dangerous chemicals or contractors using machinery, producing waste or worse still, asbestos waste, then I can understand the need for strict controls on environmental policy and ISO 14001 accreditation. However, we are not, and at worst, we use fuel in vehicles (and finance dictates fuel efficiency), switch off lights when necessary and recycle waste to the best of our ability, and better than most.

So, why should we, and other security service providers, go through a tortuous, time-consuming and expensive activity when the reality is that we shouldn’t really have to?

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