Foremost Security Support Army Reservists

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reservist1Foremost Security Limited have shown themselves to be a happy supporter of their employees who are members of the British Armed Forces Reservists.

Foremost Security employs a number of security personnel who are also members of the local Reserve Soldiers from The Royal Yeomanry (S Squadron) who are based at Chilwell Barracks and openly welcomes any new starters to the company with a military background. From the company’s point of view the skills which the Reservists acquire during their training with the Reserves are highly transferrable to the role of a Security Officer. Skills such as personal presence, integrity, vigilance and people skills in dealing with a variety of situations are valuable assets which the company needs in their employees.

Both the Reservists and the security company often require flexibility of employment hours from their employees. it has not proved difficult for Foremost to rota their Reservist employees to allow them to meet ther Reservist commitments to parade on Wednesday evenings, occasional weekends and a two week annual training package.

Paul Ritchie, Managing Director of Foremost Security Limited commented, “There is a great deal of synergy between the qualities offered by Reservists  and those wanted in our security employees. They help us to offer the exceptional service expected by our customers and we can easily accommodate their specific needs. Overall it is a win-win situation”

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