New SIA Criminal Record Indicator for Licensing

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The SIA is planning to update their online Criminal Record Indicator. The changes are intended to:

  • make the Criminal Record Indicator easier to use;
  • identify at an early stage those people whose criminality is such that it would definitely not affect their chances of being granted a licence;
  • introduce new functionality whereby the REFUSE and CONSIDER ADDITIONAL FACTORS results screens will display the information entered by the user that is relevant to the resulting decision;
  • introduce new functionality whereby the Criminal Record Indicator can calculate when an applicant’s result may change.

Frequently in the past, it has been difficult to identify which offences would prevent the issue of a license. Often the Indicator tended not to indicate but advise checking with the Police, leading to confusion and variable advice. We hope that this development adds to the reliability of the on-line service and saves valuable time, unlike the previous arrangement.

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