Police Cuts in Nottingham a Cause for Concern?

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I was listening to the local BBC radio station the other day, which featured a senior ex-police officer commenting upon the cuts being made in the Notts police force, and how he didn’t think that current service levels could be maintained with reduced police numbers. Later that day his claims were refuted by a senior current Police official (can’t remember the name) who said that technology would help to take some of the strain. That has led to me thinking about the role of an already busy Security Industry (Christmas Security )and how it may be able to plug some of the gaps in service that I think will inevitably appear. We know that, despite constant, Police response to alarms is now reduced much more quickly than it used to be, when they’ve have had call-outs to false alarms in the past. Businesses are already aware that thefts from business premises are not always considered to be a priority, and unless there is obvious evidence which makes it easy to prosecute, frequently the process comes to no conclusion. There is an appetite for Security Companies to become involved in additional duties, but these will probably be at the preventative end of the spectrum, rather than the arrest and detection.

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