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Following on from my recent blog about accreditations for Security Companies, I’m now having a look at what qualifications and memberships are available for leaders of security companies and what the requirements are for membership. Again, whilst sitting in the lofty tower office that is my Nottingham workplace, these are my thoughts and experiences and others may have differing opinions on the subject.

As mentioned last week, IPSA offers individual as well as organisational membership. Within this membership there are opportunities to belong to sections, such as for security training professionals and IPSA Maritime, which as the name implies, is for individuals of a maritime security background. This individual membership is not particularly aimed at executives though there are some who have found a home here.

More recent on the scene is the Security Institute, which was formed in 1999 to “promote a proper understanding of security and professionalism” It encourages development of high standards of training and education and aims to be the leading professional organisation in the field. It fairly recently merged with the International Institute of Security.

Its members are in a variety of areas within security management and there are different grades of membership starting with Student, then Graduate and next Associate. A Member of the Security Institute (MSyI) will need considerable experience in the industry for more than five years or have passed relevant diplomas in security. A Fellow will have significant experience in the security profession, have relevant security qualifications and can demonstrate professional commitment. The level of membership is decided by a points system based on experience, qualifications, training and other contributions. There is also an Affiliate grade for those supplying to the industry.

The Security Institute is particularly strong on Security Management training, having its’ own level 3 “Certificate in Security Management” and its’ level 5 “Professional Diploma in Security Management”.

Other options include the Institute of Security Management (ISM) information is limited as the website is out of date and I’ve never been involved with them: they may not even exist! The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is the community of choice for international cyber-security professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure. This has members of an international persuasion, and as a non-systems person, I really haven’t much to say on their offer.

Finally there are several Associations for security in particular industries or people from particular backgrounds. Organisations such as the Institute of Hotel Security Management and the Association of Security Consultants exist for very specific sectors within the industry and there are also associations for ex-police and ex-military within the industry, though not specifically targeting the professional and management.

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