Security Industry Authority Clampdown

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SIA ApprovedThe Security Industry Authority (SIA) continues to clamp down on companies who are not correctly SIA licensed.

In January a security director was disqualified from being a company director for five years. Aston Shim, 65, pleaded guilty to being a director of a security company without a Security Industry Authority licence and to supplying unlicensed security guards. Shim, the sole director of Samurai Security Limited, provided security to nine venues including a school and a local council.

In February the director of Arfeen Security Limited was given a suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to several security offences. Malik Manzoor Sabri, 40, pleaded guilty to engaging in licensable conduct without an SIA licence, failing to provide information to the Security Industry Authority when requested, and three charges of providing false information to the SIA.

You should only employ companies with SIA Approved contractor status for your own protection.

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