Security: Do We Know What We’re Doing?

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I’m sat here in the East Midlands, chortling over a story I heard on the radio about a CCTV operative. They had seen someone they believed to be acting suspiciously and reported it to the Police. The Police responded to their call by saying they had someone on the gound who could investigate, but every time the CCTV monitoring station directed the police to where the suspicious person was, they seemed to disappear. No matter what they tried the Police arrived where directed, only to find there to be no-one there. It transpired that the suspicious figure was in fact the same plain clothes policeman who was trying to locate the suspicious person reported. No-ones fault, as they were all trying to do what they’re supposed to do, but a waste of peoples time and money nevertheless. If we’re not to have the same situation in Nottingham, Leicester or Derby, what can we do? In a recent blog about how the security industry may develop (Police cuts in Nottingham A couse for concern?) we outlined that many of the duties carried out by the Police may move towards the private security industry. In my opinion, we need to start by ensuring that our communication skills are improved and that instead of making assumptions we begin to listen rather than talk: it’d be a start!

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