SIA: Further Details for the Future

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At a recent meeting for SIA Approved Contractors a few pointers to the future of industry regulation were laid down by Bill Butler, who is the Chief Executive of the SIA. As previously outlined (SIA to be Scrapped?) and (Timescale for the end of the SIA) the SIA will be “replaced” following the London Olympics of 2012.

We were told that the replacement will resemble the current outfit in terms of personnel, though fewer in number, and the responsibilities of policing the 2001 Private Security Industry Act would remain. However, it is very likely that the emphasis of licensing will change towards licensing of Companies rather than individuals. It seems companies will have to achieve standards in order to be licensed, with those already Approved Contractors under the SIA scheme likely to be granted automatic licenses. Those who don’t achieve the standards will essentially be forced out of trading.

There will be a few Companies in both Nottingham and the East Midlands who fall foul of this at the moment, so they will have to either shape up or their time will be up!

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