SIA Reduce Prices For Licences

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We have frequently talked about the SIA and Licensing, and about the demise of the SIA, which is due to be replaced by a new regulatory body following the London Olympic Games of 2012 (SIA to Be Scrapped) ( Timescale for the end of the SIA). We have news of its’ parting gift to us, as stakeholders in the Security Industry. From 1st January 2012 the cost of an SIA Licence will be reduced to £220 from its’ previous level of £245, as a result of their commitment to “driving down costs”. There is also a reduction of the cost to contractors under the SIA ACS Scheme, who will in future pay £15 rather than £17 per employee. This will save the industry over £3m over the coming year, according to the SIA Chairman, Ruth Henig.

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