SIA Reveals Joint Ventures

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In the recent round of Approved Contractors forums, the SIA has revealed that they have worked closely with the Police when denying membership of the prestigious ACS (Approved Contractors Scheme).

21st Security Ltd had applied for membership of the scheme, but hand in hand with Greater Manchester Police, the Department for Work and Pensions and the UK Border Agency, the membership was declined. Joint agency visits had established that the firm had been deploying unlicensed operatives and individuals without the right to work in the UK, so the Company was fundamentally “not fit and proper to hold the accreditation”.

The Company appealed against the decision, but failed to turn up at the hearing, despite asking for it to be moved from Manchester to London. Assistant Director of the ACS Andrew Shepherd said “The outcome upholds the SIA’s decision to refuse this company approved contractor status, helping to ensure that the credibility of the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme be maintained.”

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