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The arrival of summer brings lots of great things – warmer weather, light evenings and the opportunity for outdoor activities. There are, however, potential downsides to all of these benefits. A number of statistics agencies show an increase in crime over the summer months. We wish to help secure your business, and make this summer a positive one.

Leaving Windows Open

The warm weather encourages us to open up the windows and let the fresh air in! Before you leave your office for the night, double check that all of the windows and doors are firmly locked. It is very easy to miss the small one in the back room, but if there is someone looking to gain entry to your building, they will not miss the opportunity.

Security Lighting

As the evenings get lighter, groups of people will get together, and this can lead in some areas to more crime occurring. Make sure that security lighting is in full working order; if it doesn’t come on while you are at work, you may not notice if there are any problems.

Perimeter Security

As children, we all loved the long summer evenings, but if you own or run a working site, or premises with outdoor facilities, they can become impromptu playgrounds, creating security and health and safety risks. Make sure that you have a system in place to check that all external fencing and gates are secure and locked, and if necessary employ a security guard, or alarm system to notify of any unwanted visitors.

Simple Solutions

Small checks and safeguards are generally all that is needed to make your business secure, and if they are done regularly and thoroughly, you can enjoy your summer without incident – even if the British weather may not live up to its promises!

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