Security Training for…….non-security personnel

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In recent weeks the Security Training Team of Foremost have been involved in running two Security Guard courses for learners who are not security workers. These were courses run, in house, for the employees of that company only and paid for by the company rather than the individuals.

The first company runs specialist traffic warden services, but because their duties include some collection of cash from ticket machines, they consider it useful to have licensed Security Officers as back-up, just in case.

The second company runs Park Wardens in a famous tourist area in Warwickshire, where apart from gardening and emptying litter bins, their duties include enforcing bye-laws and helping to prevent offensive behaviour by visitors to the parks.

What these Companies have in common is that, as part of the tendering process, they were asked to send their staff on a Security Guarding course. It is considered that a knowledge of the law with regard to powers of arrest and use of force is a significant help to these workers when carrying out their duties. Significantly, it is now becoming common practise for some form of Conflict Management training to be provided and the Security Guard course fits the bill precisely.

The newly certified ‘security guards’ all work in roles where they interact with the public, sometimes in situations where conflict or misunderstanding is likely. Who will we be training next – Teachers, Social Services Personnel, Car Park Attendants?

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