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The Home Office ‘Crimes Against Businesses’ report shows a promising trend, with a decreasing rate of burglary and overall crime in recent years. Nevertheless, with 41% of businesses still reporting a crime of some sort, it is very worthwhile to review your basic security practices, and what better time than spring?

There are a few things that you can do to seriously improve your chance of avoiding crime, by making it obvious that you are not an easy target:

  • The first, most obvious point is closing and locking windows and doors. You know it, your staff know it, but it doesn’t always get done securely, and provides the easiest way for intruders to cause trouble. With the weather warming, windows can get left open, and doors left ajar. One tip is to make sure that each working day, there is a designated person to check all access points – it is one of the most simple and effective practices to minimise your security risks, and is worth double, and even treble, checking.
  • Vehicles are another easy target for criminals. Again, the risks are well known, and it all seems very obvious, but it is only too easy to forget – balmy air encourages windows to be opened, and it is another area that warrants a full check before leaving for the day.
  • Think about installing external lighting which can deter intruders before they come near. Another tip is to keep your external areas as neat and clear as possible, so that there is nowhere to easily hide.
  • Be wary of fire exits being opened on warmer days; they only work if they are kept closed, and the worst combination is using a fire extinguisher to prop them open! Ensure that all extinguishers are full, checked, and in their proper position.

Make sure your staff are informed about the benefits of being vigilant, and all being responsible for safety. Small checks can make a big difference, and keep you in the majority of businesses who are not victims of crime.


Foremost Security

Foremost Security are a major provider of security guarding and security services in the East Midlands, with over 20 years’ experience in keyholding, alarm response, professional security guards and mobile patrols. We also provide a lock and unlock service to ensure you are secure at all times. Please give us a call on 0115 9110213 or drop us an email at for some friendly, informal advice.

The Foremost lock and unlock service includes the following:

Lock up @ an agreed time

  • Check all windows and doors are closed securely
  • Turn off the air conditioning
  • Remove any items that may cause and alarm activation (i.e. balloons on desks)
  • Check that fridges and freezers are closed
  • Ensure no staff are on left on site checking toilets, gyms etc
  • Check for suspicious activity when leaving the site
  • Set the alarm secure the doors

Unlock @ agreed time

  • Unlock the front doors
  • Deactivate the alarm
  • Perform a check of all windows and doors for any damage
  • Turn on the air con if required

We can also add any special requirements if needed


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