Foremost Security Limited are making a special offer on mobile security patrol services in the Nottingham and Derby City areas.

Sign up for at least 2 Mobile Security Patrols each week and receive FREE secure key holding.

“Highly visible deterrent against theft and vandalism”

Benefits of Mobile Patrols

  • Highly Visible Deterrent
    When the ‘bad guys’ see a security company van outside your premises and a guard patrolling they look elsewhere for a lower risk opportunity
  • Effective Random Patrol Times
    No one knows when the mobile patrol will next be there so coverage is increased and uncertainty prevents attacks / threats
  • Lower cost (than Guarding)
    The Mobile Patrol service can cover multiple premises with the same resource as a static guarding service and therefore can be run at a lower cost
  • Flexible to suit your Needs
    Frequency of patrol and services provided for each visit are part of the contract and provide the maximum benefit for the minimum cost & hassle
  • Detailed Tracking & Reporting
    Checkpoint swipes / GPS location reports to provide confirmation of visits. All visits are carried out to BS7499 and BS7984 Quality standards

Services which are regularly performed

  • Internal or external patrols
  • Locking / unlocking premises and setting of alarms
  • Turning off unwanted lights or equipment
  • Closing of blinds and windows
  • Testing of alarms and fire extinguishers
  • Watering of plants
  • Warning boards erected to act as further deterrent
  • Other options are available